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Adding the Share on FriendFeed bookmarklet to the Firefox 3 toolbar


A quick way to share the current page that you’re browsing on friendfeed is to use the friendfeed bookmarklet. Make sure to watch the video to see how to share sites along with pictures.

An issue I have with the bookmarklet is that I need to display the bookmarks toolbar in order to have a place to hold the bookmarklet. Ideally, I want to keep the browser chrome at a minimum. But unfortunately, you can’t just drag the bookmarklet like a button into the toolbar; it needs to reside in the bookmarks toolbar.

Here’s how I was able to add it to the left of the address bar.

  1. Drag the Share on FriendFeed bookmarklet to the bookmarks toolbarimage
  2. Delete the default bookmarks.
  3. Right-click on an unused area in the toolbar and select customizeimage
  4. Move the Bookmarks toolbar to the left of the address bar and select done.image
  5. Right-click on an unused area in the toolbar again and uncheck bookmarks toolbarimage
  6. I renamed the bookmark to simply “FF”

One thing that I would like to do is change the Icon to use the Friendfeed ico file and remove the text. That’s something that I’ll explore.


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