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A website for the CPP Japanese Language Learners Club. Provides up-to-date information about the club and its events, as well as resources for learning Japanese. Built with Astro.

I am currently the President of the CPP Japanese Language Learners Club and as a Computer Science student, I wanted to somehow force my skills into the club (😶). Unsurprisingly, there is quite a lot of overlap between Japanese learners and CS students, so I was able to work on this site with a fellow club member!

The experience making this site was quite nice because we decided on Astro as our framework. I had used Astro before for another project, but having more experience with it this time made it feel so smooth and frictionless. Since my club member was new to web development, I made the site mobile-first and had him focus on the desktop version. He did an excellent job and it was also a great experience for me as it forced me to think more deeply about web development so that I could explain it to him.

The site makes use of Astro’s content collections to manage the club events and informations. This provided a nice, low-maintenance way to feed content into the site without having to manage a separate CMS. The result was a site that is easy to maintain and update with great SEO and performance! 🎉