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OrgOrg is a web application designed to simplify scheduling meetings for groups. It allows users to create a survey where participants can indicate their available times. The app then visually highlights the times with the most overlap, helping to identify a common meeting time that works for the majority.

OrgOrg was a project I worked on for my Software Engineering course. The goal was to create a web application that would simplify the process of scheduling meetings for groups. On a business level, this could be useful for companies that need to schedule meetings with multiple employees. On a personal level, this could be useful for friends or family members trying to find a time to meet up.

I wanted to experiment a bit with some newer technologies, so I decided to use Svelte for the frontend and Supabase for the backend. They were both incredible to use and I felt like they were a great intro to web development for my group members since they had relatively little experience.

The project was a success and we were able to deploy a working prototype by the end of the semester. I’m proud of the work we did and I’m glad I was able to introduce my group members to some new technologies. I think they learned a lot and I’m excited to see where they go from here.