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ProfessorBenchmark is a professor insights tool that makes deciding who to enroll with easier. This application was designed and developed for the BroncoHacks 2024 Hackathon and placed first place.

I worked on this project with a team of three other students for the BroncoHacks 2024 Hackathon. It was actually my first hackathon and it was an amazing experience! My teammates were not only first-timers, but fairly new to web development as a whole. I wouldn’t consider myself an expert, but it was fun taking the role as a “lead” and showing them the basics of something like React.

We used Remix as our React framework and Tailwind CSS for styling. It ended up being very convenient because my teammates were able to pick up both technologies fairly quickly. I personally like Remix and find it generally nicer in terms of DX, so I took it as an opportunity to push it on them. 😅

Somehow, we managed to get a working prototype deployed by the end of the coding period. By the end of it, we were running on nothing but caffeine. The judging period also loomed over us, but after a presentation to the judges and a second round of judging in front of the entire crowd, we were able to secure first place!